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Café Sin Riesgo, Disaster Risk Management Conversations

Under the premise of creating a space for conversations with a more relaxed tone than a conversation, the Fundación Inteligencia para la Gestión de Riesgos de Desastres (IGRD) created the bi-weekly program "Café Sin Riesgo", which aims to make difficult topics understandable for everyone.

"With these words Ian Gorayeb, president of the Intelligence Foundation for Disaster Risk Management (IGRD), describes the birth 4 years ago of "Café Sin Riesgo", a program that addresses disaster risk management from a closer point of view.

At the beginning, Gorayeb said that the event was only open to students enrolled in the diploma course created in conjunction with the Mexican University of Ducens, but as interest grew, he decided, together with the members of the foundation, to extend it to the entire community.

At the beginning, he started with a relatively long interval between one guest and the next, but now, thanks to technology, he has moved on to a program every 2 to 3 weeks.

"The pandemic helped us to massify the activity, we have had guests from different parts of the world, such as a colonel from the Chinese Army; the quality of the guests and the format have made us have an audience from different continents, even though the schedule in which we carry out Café Sin Riesgo is not favorable for them", said Gorayeb.

Among the guests invited to the space were Allan Lavell, founding member of the Network of Social Studies in Disaster Prevention in Latin America, representatives of the International Red Cross, UNDRR, Onemi, the National Seismological Center and government authorities.  

Congresses and Diplomas

"This type of talks has allowed us to reach municipalities and localities that are becoming interested in disaster risk and also interested in knowing how the SINAPRED law affects them," said the IGRD representative, which is why they have attended several seminars.

In October, the Professional Institute of Logistics and Integrated Risk Management (ILCEC), created by the I.G.R.D. Foundation, will begin two diploma courses.

The first is called "Diploma in Disaster Risk Management, Operational Continuity and Resilience", to be held online from October 10, while the second, called "Diploma in Disaster Logistics Management", also in online format, begins on October 11.

You can check this and more courses on the institute's website: