Country Strategy

CREDEN: A Commission for a Disaster Resilient Chile
En 2016, un grupo transversal de más de 80 expertos —académicos, investigadores, profesionales de la industria y representantes del gobierno y las Fuerzas Armadas— se reunieron al alero del CNID (actual Consejo CTCI), quienes conformaron oficialmente la Comisión de I+D+i para la Resiliencia Frente a Desastres de Origen Natural (CREDEN).


This group of specialists developed a National Strategy for Research, Development and Innovation (R&D&I) for a Chile Resilient to Natural Disasters . The need to create an institutional framework to align R&D&I+e efforts was then identified: thus the idea of creating the Institute for Disaster Resilience, Itrend, was born .

This Strategy sets out a roadmap that includes five enabling conditions and 14 tasks, grouped into four dimensions: The enabling conditions address the main weaknesses in R&D&I in disaster resilience in the country:
  • Institutional framework for R&D+i in resilience to natural disasters
  • Data and information integration
  • Development of advanced human capital in resilience
  • Development of infrastructure for scientific discovery and innovation in resilience.
  • Outreach and scientific dissemination
The 14 tasks, meanwhile, constitute the research, development and innovation agenda to meet the goals established for 20 years. All of them constitute the objectives that Itrend seeks to address.