La Cuarta | Chile seeks to increase fivefold the number of disaster researchers in the country

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Currently, the country spends an annual average of 1.2% of GDP to mitigate the effects of natural disasters. This makes it the OECD member with the highest expenditure for extreme hazards.

The 2010 earthquake and tsunami alone caused losses of around US$30 billion, which corresponds to 18% of GDP. Hence the importance of the recommendations and actions proposed to prevent the social and economic costs caused by disasters.

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Disasters in Chile: five-fold increase in the number of researchers in the country

Mitigating losses due to natural disasters in Chile is the purpose of the national strategy presented by the new Institute for Disaster Resilience. To achieve this goal, the entity has set itself the target of quintupling the number of researchers in the area, which currently stands at 300 throughout the country.