About Itrend

We are a Public Technological Institute mandated by the State of Chile and funded by Corfo, to promote the creation of public goods and research, development, innovation and entrepreneurship in the field of resilience, in the face of the great challenges presented by extreme natural hazards and the impact they produce in our country. 


We have a highly qualified multidisciplinary team from academia, natural and exact sciences, engineering, social sciences and education, among others. These professionals analyze information, elaborate technical instruments, monitor the system, propose ideas and projects to promote the development, articulation and participation of institutions, industry and civil society in the challenge of building a more resilient country. more resilient country. 


We seek to create public goods and collaboratively articulate research and innovation capabilities based on science and technology in Chile, to reduce the economic, social and environmental impact of disasters, and turn this knowledge into an opportunity for the development of future value for our society.


Within 20 years, Itrend will have significantly improved the quality of life of millions of people exposed to major natural hazards. By combining, integrating and generating new research and innovation capabilities that are at the service of building a more resilient society, we will seek to respond to the mandate of the Creden Strategy.


We encourage collaborative work, to join and integrate efforts that allow us to face complex challenges.
We recognize and value conceptual, methodological and practical approaches from different fields of knowledge, to give rise to new ways of advancing knowledge with an interdisciplinary approach.
We promote openness, encouraging free access to data and information generated from them, creating public goods that are inputs for decision-making based on scientific-technical evidence.
We respond effectively, efficiently and flexibly to the changing requirements of our environment, promoting agility in the generation of responses to problems of public interest.
Through a systemic vision, we seek to articulate the actors of the State, academia, industry and civil society, for a better understanding of the concerns shared by society and the construction of possible solutions in the field of disasters. 
We face challenges with excellence, striving for quality and high standards in our work. We seek to have highly trained people, adequate tools and innovative technologies to deliver the best service.