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Resilience Data Platform
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Resilience Data Platform

Open access platform that integrates analysis tools and data associated with the study of risk and resilience to socio-natural disasters, obtained from various sources, systematized and standardized, to promote research, development, innovation and entrepreneurship. It constitutes an open access public data infrastructure that centralizes new and historical data on different topics associated with disaster resilience.

It currently contains more than 140 datasets, including: seismic, volcanic, meteorological and soil characterization records, finite fault models of the main earthquakes, exposure models, socioeconomic and critical infrastructure data of the country, historical fire records and mass removal cadastre, among others. The populating of the Platform is an ongoing process, with a constant search by the Itrend team for new datasets that can be aggregated. This work considers the loading of public data distributed in various sites or repositories, as well as through agreements with institutions or private collaborations with researchers or professionals interested in sharing their results.

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